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It was a clear day. That morning, everyone was up already. You could see children playing around and shop owners shouting loud and clear. Although that day was noisy, it was still wonderful. At the Yamanaka flower shop, a lot of people came rushing in and asking them questions that would fit their situation. More often than not, Ino was the one who held the answers to the ordinary villagers problems/questions. After all, her father was a little too busy with missions and her mother was almost trapped in their store all day. Frankly, Ino is the only one in
her immidiate family that new the village life.
The same  time that morning, a golden blonde-haired boy awoke and rised from his bed. His cerulean blue eyes were a little reddish right after rubbing them. Everyone was already awake but he just wanted to enjoy his time in his apartment. After he came back from his training with the 'Ero-senin', he was respected by the villagers and they were pleased by his arrival. He was accepted by everyone here. And he respected them even though they treated him badly since he was a child.

----------------------------------------With Naruto------------------------------------------

He was walking outside and moving forward towards his favorite store, Ichiraku. A loud POOF sound was heard behind him. He saw his grey-haired sensei looking at him.

"Naruto, the Hokage wants to speak with you."

"Alright, thanks sensei!"

He replied loudly as he ran towards the Hokage tower but was stopped when he realized that his collar was held up.

"Naruto, I think it willl be quicker to teleport there." Kakashi said but didn't wait for his reply. A few seconds later, they were at the Hokage's office already.

"Naruto, I want you to be patient with me, the others shall be here in a while." Tsunade told the young blonde.

"WHAT?! WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT, BAA-CHAN?!" Naruto whined loudly.

At that moment, a vein popped up and was clearly visible to Naruto and he silently back away.



--------------------------------------------With Ino------------------------------------------

Another loud POOF sound was heared the same morning. The ninja was infront of the Yamanaka household. He
pushed the door open and was greeted immidiately.

"Asuma-sensei, what brings you here?" Ino said.

"I was sent by Hokage-sama. She has called for you." Her sensei told her lazily.

"Alright, I'll go get changed. Please wait for a while, sensei." She said as she got a nod in reply.

After 2 minutes, Ino got outside and went beside his sensei and they were teleported to the Hokage tower.


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Normal POV &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

"Ack, Baa-chan, that hurt!." Naruto pouted as his head was engraved in the wall.

Ino and Asuma sweatdropped. They could've swore that Tsunade had drank a LITTLE too much sake this morning.

"Please be patient, Ino. Neji and Shikamaru will be here soon."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

A few minutes passed and Neji appeared with a loud poof.

"My apologies, Tsunade-sama. The Hyuuga clan had some issues to take care of." Neji said right after he poofed in the room and stared blankly at Naruto's body because his head was still embedded in the wall.

Shikamaru appeared right after Neji and sweatdropped after seeing Naruto as well. Then he saw Ino pulling him out of the wall and she smiled at Naruto as a reply for his 'Thank you'. He frowned at the unusual sight. He also didn't notice Neji having his smirk.

"Alright, since everyone is here, I shall announce the mission." The Hokage said.

"There were minions of Orochimaru spotted near the snow country and they were believed to assasinate the Village leader. However,

these minions are upper jonin level and they are with.. Sasuke." She implied.

Ino looked down.

"Sasuke.." Naruto whispered and looked down as he clenched his fist. Ino held on to his shoulder and smiled at

him. He smiled back. Shikamaru noticed this and grunted. Neji heared this and smirked at this as well.

"However, the sound Ninjas have also been attacking the villagers there." The hokage implied.

"Hokage-sama, why.. why isn't Sakura here with us? I think we would really need a medic-nin." Ino asked.

"The snow country is ready with dozens of medic-nins, Ino. And I think she isn't trained well enough." The hokage replied.

"And, Naruto. Since you are still a genin, I shall promote you to chuunin as all of us know that you can pass the chuunin exams easily." She smiled at Naruto.

"ALRIGHT! I'M A CHUUNIN ALREADY!! WOOHOO!!!" He shouted outloud. Neji ignored him. Shikamaru frowned as he saw and heard Ino giggle.

Tsunade smiled. "For this mission, the captain is Neji. You shall spy on the sound nins to figure out their plans, Ino and Shikamaru. Neji and Naruto shall be the bodyguards of the Village leader. Naruto and Neji, Sasuke can attack at anytime. So both of you must be ready. As much as possible, bring Sasuke back." She added.

"Hai." All of them said in unision.

"Meet at the Konoha gates and tomorrow at 8 in the morning." She said.

"Alright, you may now leave."


Naruto was walking on the street. He saw Ino as she was trying to carry all the flowers.

"Hey Ino, I can help you." Naruto told her.

"Thanks Naruto, I appriciate it."

"Ino, how come Shikamaru always frowns whenever I'm with you?"

"He does? That's unexpected." She said as she wondered deeply.

"Ino, are you free later this afternoon? I wanted to train but it's boring if you do it alone." He said as he grinned.

"Alright, I'll go get changed."

-----------------------------------TRAINING GROUNDS-------------------------------------------

They started to fight in Taijutsu, and later on in Ninjutsu.


"Naruto, good afternoon." Kakashi said.

"Hi sensei, why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"Sigh, I don't know why but the Hokage told me to train you for tomorrow." He said lazily.

Naruto frowned when he said that he didn't know why. He wanted his sensei to be proud of him.

"Kakashi-sensei, can I also train with you?" Ino asked pleadingly.

"Alright. First, try to release your chakra through you fingers and spread them carefully." He said.

They started trying it. The jonin was suprised at the speed of the chuunins' learning skills. Naruto was trying as hard as he can though as always. He smiled at the rate of their skills.

Kakashi then said goodbye and left. He said that they can train all they want but don't tire themselves out too much.


"Alright, I did it! Ino-chan look!!" He said in delight.

"That's great Naruto-kun! Can you teach me?" Ino said with a sheepish smile.

"No problem. Believe it!" Naruto said as Ino smiled.

"Here," He said as he held her hand. Unkowingly, Ino blushed and realized that she was pushed against a tree lightly in the process. "Just spread your chakra through your fingers continually and just form anything you want. Like this!" He told her and formed a small spiral with his chakra. She followed and managed to form a small heart shape and smiled happilly.

"Thank-you Naruto-kun!" She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Your welcome
Ino-chan!" He said aloud and blushed.

To be continued.
Alright. This is just the first chapter. I haven't made the next chapter yet. Soweee..

And for all the Shika fans, sorry. It's a Shika basher. He's gonna be abnormally cold and harsh to Tema! No!
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